बुधवार, 16 मार्च 2011

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District forum Meeting
Pratapgarh district forum of MASVAW, organized a meeting on Friday May 20, 2011 at Redigarpur village.
The agenda of meeting were following-
  • To create committee against sexual harassment on work place in partner organizations.
  • To ensure sustainability in youth for feeling changes and their interventions at grass root level.
  • To give and orientation to media personnel regarding sex and gender issues.
 All the points have been discussed elaborately among forum members.
District convener of MASVAW, Pratapgarh ensured that he will take initiative and help to form committee against sexual harassment (CASH) in every partner organizations in the district.
The members of forum being agreed that they will draft a plan for ensuring sustainability of youth in creating change at grass root level.
The secretariat convinced that the issue will take in future consideration and proper positive steps will be take for arranging orientation programme for media people.
The main demand of forum from MASVAW secretariat were following-           
  • To organize a orientation programme  for leading youth
  • To arrange a training programme for media people

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