District Forums-
The District Forums bring members and associates of MASVAW in one district,together, to collaborate and support each other. Incidents of violence against women often have strong local political links preventing such cases from being officiallyregistered. District forums provide a platform for collective fact-finding, bringingpressure to bear on the district administration, interacting with the media for positive coverage and so on. The district forums regularly scan media reports to identify and act upon cases of violence against women. The members of different districts come together at the Regional Forums. In Uttar pradesh there are six regions, namely, Varanasi, Gorakhpur, Central and Western Region, Lucknow, Banda and Jhansi.  forms one region in itself. The purpose of the regional forum is to facilitate support and cooperation at the regional level in case of common issue.

Work with University's and college in UP- 

 work is running in many universities and colleges to make youth sensitive on the issue of gender based violence and gender equality.
There are few objectives of the work with University youth  i.e.-

·        To make an environment at university level
·        To make youth sensitive on the issue of gender and  violence
·        To make youth sensitive on the issue of communalism
·        To ensure the role of  youth for stopping violence against      women
·       To ensure the role of  youth for making violence free campus
·        To develop sensitivity in  youth in order break prejudices, etc.