सोमवार, 6 जून 2011

Youth convention

 youth convention has been organized in Redigarapur village, district Pratapgarh, UP, India, for Linkages and networking with MASVAW youth groups working under UNTF project by all youth clubs and Tarun Chetna Pratapgarh on Friday 20th May 2011.
The main objective of this convention was to share the experiences of change among youth after UNTF Project training and linkage with MASVAW. This convention was supported by CHSJ New Delhi & MASVAW, Lucknow, U.P.
This convention was for conveying the message of youth activities for stopping violence against women for others. Experience has been shared by the youth that whatever changes they are practicing in day to day life activities. Some progressive stories, accidents and youth group interventions have been shared by the youth coming from different part of the district.
The training has been changed the thinking, attitude, outlook and perspective of youth regarding women and girls. After this training youth became motivated to accept change and now they are motivating others to do same. They are feeling changes in themselves, setting examples for other, forming groups, mobilizing village presidents and other people for ensuring women participation in socio-economic and political activities.

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